Course Work

Intro to Advertising – Media Plan

This is a media plan that I developed in my Intro to Advertising class spring 2019. The plan was made for the an outdoor sporting goods company, Uncle Dan’s. The plan also includes many different media types such as radio, magazine, and SERP ads.

Media Business & Entrepreneurship

This assignment was to make a business plan for a new business in the media industry. I chose to make my business around sports, which is one of my passions. I think this document is a good representation of my ability to organize a document well and convey information.

UX & Analytics

The focus of this class was learning the fundamentals of making the experience the greatest it can be for every type of user. We also explored different types of analytics. Below you will find an accessibility report for the Northwest Greek Life page. Below you will also see my final project; an app based off the website, which was designed with the prototyping tool, Figma.

Communication Law & Ethics

Communication Law and Ethics is one of the hardest classes taught in the media department at Northwest. The class is focused on the laws surrounding the media. The papers for this class are required to include precedent cases and be of a level that they could be used in a court room.

Advanced Media Design

This course is an advanced course designed to evaluate the thinking of the designer both before and after the design process. Below you will find my pre-analysis for my design of a new web page for Sugar Cookie Bliss, a local KC cookie company owned by Karissa Todd. You will then find my post-analysis which breaks down the different decisions I made and why. You can also view my final design for the web page below.

Intro to Web Publishing

These are papers written in introduction to web publishing which one focuses on content, popularity and traffic and the other on user experience for the website


The following photos were some of my favorite from my coursework in photojournalism.

The International Flag Plaza on the campus of Northwest Missouri State University.
A bee lands on a flower outside Colden pond on campus.
Nice depth of field shot of a flower on the Northwest Campus.
Students canoeing in Colden pond on the Northwest Campus.