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About Me

Growing up I was your typical kid who wanted to be good at everything. I played almost every sport out there but my passion was in volleyball and dance. I played national level volleyball which put my dance career on hold. I have since found my passion for dance again in college and use it as an escape for stress relief.

Going into high school I would have never guessed that this is where I would be going with my career today. In high school I got involved in student media and fell in love with every aspect of the media world. My first priority in college was getting on a media staff and learning as much as possible in all my media classes.

I was Editor in Chief of my high school’s publication, The Talon. I then held the position of social media editor for Tower Yearbook, as well as a page designer, at Northwest.

During my senior year I have picked up two internships. The first being with Northwest Athletics running game operations and live tweeting the games. I am also an external relations intern at the Northwest Visitors Center and have the opportunity to meet with families after their tour and communicate all of the opportunities Northwest has to offer.

I am currently preparing for graduation in May and am seeking full time employment. With all of my experience I think that a position in account management, social media marketing or media buying would suit me well. If you are currently looking to fill one of those positions please do not hesitate to reach out.

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